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How to Care for Wool Scarves

Care for Trapper of Colorado Hand-Made Wool Scarves
You have the option of dry-cleaning or hand-washing when caring for your wool scarf.

We suggest eco-friendly dry cleaning over traditional dry cleaning since the scarf will lie directly against your skin, and you probably don't want traditional dry cleaning chemicals rubbing up against you when you wear it.

Our wool scarves may also be hand washed in a delicate (mild) wash detergent, such as an eco-wash. They should be soaked separately from other items, and may soak in tepid or cold water (not hot!) for as little as thirty minutes, or as long as two hours, depending on the degree of washing you deem necessary.  Please note that the longer the wool soaks, the more of the color will bleed out. But you should not see any true difference in the colors from regular care. If you wish to rinse out the scarf (and not all eco detergents require this), use the same water temperature that you soaked the scarf in. When you remove the scarf from the water, squeeze out the excess liquid, then block to return to original shape. Blocking is pulling on the wool up and down the shorter sides, as well as from end to end of the longer sides. This will return it close to the original shape from when you bought it, with minimal shrinkage*. Once the scarf has been blocked, hang it over a wide hanger or dry flat on a towel. Ironing is not required, but a quick press from an iron on a "wool" setting will return the scarf to a flatter, tighter shape. Use steam when ironing to keep the wool from sticking to the iron.

You may occasionally see what appears to be a tiny hole, but it is just a shifting of the fibers. If this occurs, while your scarf is still damp, you may gently nudge the fibers back into place by placing your hands flat around the area and gently shifting and sliding the fibers with your fingers until they realign.

* some shrinkage is natural and should be expected; however it likely won't be noticed