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Ethical Fashion

It's a new concept, but an essential one for anyone with a conscious:
Where are your clothes made? How are they made? Who is making them? And what impact will they have on you, the environment and humanity?

In order to ensure we'd honor the concept of products made ethically, as well as reduce our carbon footprint, we chose to manufacture in the United States: either created in New York City's Garment District by master sewers, hand made in Colorado, or specialty produced in another US state.

Designs currently in development are all planned for US production. And if we do eventually go overseas to manufacture, we'll only work with factories providing fair-wages and ethical labor conditions.

Textiles we source are often dead-stock, which means by using them we are keeping materials from rotting in landfills. And cutting room leftovers are sent to scrap recyclers for use as stuffing for furniture and other home goods. All of our pieces are designed to last for years, so you can hand them down with love when you're ready for a new look.

We keep up to date on sustainable fashion and welcome any input. It's an ever-changing landscape; if you've got some news, or a new idea on how to positively impact our planet, or our future, please tell us. We'd love to be in on it. In our view, we're in this together.