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What's A Trapper?

Welcome to Trapper of Colorado – a luxury brand with down-to-earth values. We care about you – we mean it. We care about what you wear – that it’s ethically made, feels good, fits right, and walks the carbon footprint on tiptoes.

Because we care about perpetuating the planet, not plundering it, we manufacture in the US, not across the world. We use a mix of newly milled and dead-stock fabrics – which reduces landfill waste and means that we produce in limited editions, making our creations intentionally rare. Each piece is made to last - bringing classic character that pivots with your personal style, season after season.

The "Trapper" in our name recognizes the individual who knows what they want and goes after it – a person who cares about the origin of the products they bring into their life, as well as the concept of legacy. When you add a Trapper of Colorado piece to your collection, you're adding well-thought, quality-focused, craftsmanship, and mountain-inspired smart style that steps with swagger into any setting. 

"Tread Lightly" is a value we hold dear, so we go for low impact choices whenever we can:

• All of our pieces are designed for longevity, and ethically made in the United States

• We use primarily natural fibers, including dead-stock fabrics that might otherwise go to landfills

• When pre-washing fabrics, we use eco-friendly products from trustworthy companies

• Our pieces are made by "slow fashion," including hand cutting and sewing throughout

• We care about animals being free to live their lives. Each year we will donate a portion of our profits to a non-profit that helps wild animals, or the wild lands they (and we) roam upon. Our 2019-20 recipient is Born Free USA. Founded in 1984, their mission is "to end wild animal cruelty and suffering and protect threatened wildlife." Learn more at BornFreeUSA.org

• As we channel the history of the west, the "fur" we use is always luxe faux.

Find Trapper of Colorado pieces in select boutiques, or order from the website. You'll receive a sweet parcel delivered directly to you - with good karma attached.